Tottenham super star moves to Sunderland suddenly.

Tottenham super star moves to Sunderland suddenly.

Dennis Cirkin
Promising Tottenham star Dennis Cirkin has suddenly moved to Sunderland.

“We are happy to announce the recruitment of Surkin,” Sunderland said on its official channel on the 10th.

Serkin has grown up in Tottenham and is highly regarded, signing a three-year contract with us. “This is the fourth time I’ve been recruited this summer,” he said.

Born in 2002, Serkin has grown up at the Tottenham Youth Academy since childhood.

He is a left full-back, but he is highly capable of offense and has been evaluated as a good fit for modern soccer.

He was also called up for the England national team by age, and he was a rare left fullback, so there was high expectation for Cirkin inside the Tottenham club.

Even Jose Mourinho, who is stingy about promising players, called Cirkin to join Dane Scarlett and Harvey White in the first division training camp last season to train together.

Tottenham fans expected to put Cirkin in a game of low importance if they could get a chance.

Sergio Reguillon didn’t play as well as expected, and Ben Davis didn’t perform well every time.

Cirkin was expected to leave on loan for playing time this season, but suddenly chose to make a full move.

As one of the team’s top prospects suddenly left the team, the fans are clearly embarrassed.

Although the exact details of the contract have not been disclosed, Tottenham received a small transfer fee and are confirmed to have included a buyback clause.

“I’m grateful to the club and all Tottenham officials for helping me develop myself now,” Cirkin said on his personal SNS.

It will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. “I have no choice but to appreciate the experience and lessons I have learned from such a big club over the past 10 years.”

“But I think my career is necessary, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

I wish Tottenham, fans and colleagues all the best. 파워볼사이트

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