Trout Ohtani’s 24th home run with LAA 16 wins 8 losses 66.7%

Trout Ohtani’s 24th home run with LAA 16 wins 8 losses 66.7% winning rate is never high


What will be the winning rate if the two top batters in the Major League hit home runs together.

LA Angels Mike Trout and Ohtani Shohei hit home runs together. The two players shot home runs side by side in a home game against the Kansas City Royals at Angel Stadium on the 24th (Korea Standard Time), leading to a 4-3 victory.

The two home runs came in the bottom of the sixth inning. It was three consecutive home runs with leadoff Taylor Ward. Against Kansas City starter Jordan Lyles, Taylor’s solo home run over the left wall, Trout’s solo home run over the middle wall, and Otani’s solo home run over the middle wall exploded one after another.

Ward was driven into a 79-mile body sweep at the first pitch, Trout hit a low cutter 86 miles outside the third pitch, and Otani hit a 79-mile curve in the middle of the fifth pitch at 2B2S. Trout and Otani are equally the fifth home run of the season. The Angels, who were trailing 1-2, turned the game around 4-2 with three solo home runs in the sixth inning.

Kansas City gradually followed with Bobby Witt Jr.’s solo home run in the top of the seventh inning, but the Angels kept the victory as Matt Moore in the eighth inning and Carlos Esteves in the ninth inning blocked additional runs for the first time in a long time.

The Angels, who had Trout 3 hits and 1 RBI in 4 at-bats and Ohtani 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 3 at-bats, finished 3 consecutive games against Kansas City with a winning series of 2 wins and 1 loss, and returned to the AL West with an 11-11 victory rate of 50%

It is the second time this season that Trout and Otani have hit home runs together in one game. In the game against the Oakland Athletics on the 3rd, Ohtani hit a two-run home run in the top of the 5th inning against opposing starter Ken Waldichuck, followed by a right-center solo home run. In the end, the Angels won a 6-0 victory.

It is his 24th career home run game since 2018 when Otani joined the Angels. In 24 games where the two players hit home runs side by side, the Angels marked 16 wins and 8 losses and a winning rate of 0.667 points. It can never be seen as a good winning rate. Usually, when a team hits more than two home runs in baseball, the winning rate varies from team to team, but it is known to be around 70%.

As of this day, when calculating the winning rate of 11 teams with two home runs or more, which is ±2 games from the Angels’ winning rate of 50%, the winning rate was 55-20 and 0.733 respectively. The Angels had four wins and two losses in six games with more than two home runs. This means that Angels’ power has been unstable.

One point difference was as many as six out of eight games that the two lost even after hitting home runs together. The Angels even lost 10-11 against the Houston Astros on July 8, 2019, even though Trout hit two home runs and Otani hit one home run. Last year, Trout and Otani hit home runs side by side in eight games, with the Angels remaining 5 wins and 3 losses 카지노추천사이트

Trout and Otani’s batting order are always together. In 2021, Otani was mainly No. 2 and Trout was No. 3. Since last season, Trout has changed the order and has been playing twice and Otani three times. This year, Trout started 16 games with 2 times, 3 games with 3, Otani started 5 games with 2 times, and 15 games with 3 times, respectively.

The fact that the two players are together in any order remains the same

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