Tyrese Maxey Ben Simmons Shadow Erased PHI Jewel

Tyrese Maxey Ben Simmons Shadow Erased PHI Jewel, Will More Fly With Harden?

Tyrese Maxey

Maxi wants to develop further.

The Philadelphia 76ers named University of Kentucky guard Tyrese Maxey as the 21st overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft.

Maxi, who was behind in his nomination ranking than expected, expanded his position in the NBA by playing as a six-man in his debut season. Although it lacked sophistication, Maxi made a lot of impressions with her bold appearance that did not hesitate to break through. On January 10, 2021, when a large number of key players were missing in the aftermath of COVID-19, he scored 39 points.

Maxi, who was gradually developing his capabilities, had a chance ahead of last season. Ben Simmons, the main point guard, refused to play after causing discord with the team. This soon meant more opportunities for Maxi.

Maxi, who ran around the court to his heart’s content, had a breakout season and was reborn as a Philadelphia treasure. Maxi, who supported Philadelphia not to collapse despite various unfavorable factors, did his part well with an average of 17.5 points. He was also mentioned as a strong candidate for the development of his skills.

Maxi, the team’s most promising player, is considered an untradeable resource along with Embiid. Maxi is expected to work with James Harden as a backcourt duo next season, and his performance is essential for Philadelphia to perform well.

Maxi, who finished his second season, is sweating with coach Sam Carsel, signaling a better performance. Coach Casel is so affectionate that he calls Maxi his son.

Maxi’s goal for next season with coach Casel is to leap to the perfect three-level scorer. Maxi made remarkable progress last season, raising the 3-point success rate to 42.7 percent, which was pointed out as a weakness. This time, it is focusing on increasing productivity in the midrange area.

“The Tyrese Maxey will improve the accuracy of the 18-foot range midrange game after dribbling. And Maxi had a success rate of about 40 percent in the three-point line last season, and we also want to boost that record.”

Backcourt partner Harden is known to love and admire Maxi’s brilliant work ethic. The two players, who are actively engaged in the off-season, built a good relationship, and even met in person and trained together. 토토사이트

How much can Philadelphia’s jewel Maxi shine next season? Attention is drawn to his move.

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