U.S. Golf Digest, Lim Sung-jae and Kim Joo-hyung among..

U.S. Golf Digest, Lim Sung-jae and Kim Joo-hyung among 10 players to bet this year

Golf Digest

Lim Sung-jae (25) and Kim Joo-hyung (21), who receive the spotlight from major U.S. golf media for the year-end and New Year holidays, were selected as the “Top 10 Players to Bet on this year.”

Golf Digest, a U.S. golf media outlet, selected and announced “10 players who will make money for you this year” on the 4th.

In other words, it is a guideline to “bet on these players this year.”

Golf Digest first evaluated Lim Sung-jae as “a player who can win a major tournament soon,” adding, “A versatile player like Lim Sung-jae is rare on the tour.”

It also averaged 1.67 strokes ahead of the players who played together in every round of the 2021-2022 season, which was the sixth place on the tour.

Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), Matthew Fitzpatrick (England), Will Jalatoris, Justin Thomas, and Scotty Schaeffler (USA) ranked first to fifth in the category. They are the top rankers who combined three major wins and 10 tour wins last year.

Golf Digest gave Lim Sung-jae a high score, saying, “He can win any tournament and compete with anyone.”

Regarding Kim Joo-hyung, he said, “He ranked 23rd at the U.S. Open last year, and he won two PGA Tour titles and three top 10 titles,” adding, “He is a player with both long batting and putt skills.”

He also added that fans will know more about him this year as a player just over the age of 20, and that he is qualified to be the best star. 사설토토

The other eight players Golf Digest recommended as good bets this year were Taylor Pendris (Canada), Aaron Wise, Hayden Buckley (U.S.), Callum Taren (England), Sahis Cigilla (U.S.), Jon Lam (Spain), Colin Morika and Tom Gigi (U.S.).

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