Um Hyun-kyung contract termination “The end after..

Um Hyun-kyung contract termination “The end after discussion with Enter7” (official)

Um Hyun-kyung

Actress Um Hyun-kyung terminated her contract with her agency Enter Seven.

Recently, Um Hyun-kyung and Enter7 ended their exclusive contract by ending their companionship for a developmental future after careful discussion.

Eom Hyun-kyung debuted in 2006 with MBC’s “Rainbow Romance,” and became the main character through KBS drama special “Strawberry Ice Cream” and “Uninvited Guest” after watching dramas “Run For Now,” “Gyeongseong Scandal” and “Good Woman Baek Il-hong.”

Later, “Mother’s Garden,” “Best Marriage,” “Everything Will Be All Right,” “Defendant,” “Single Wife,” “Hide and Seek,” “Cheongil Electronics Mitsuri,” and “Secret Man.” He has been active in various roles as a leading actor through “The Second Man.”

In addition, last year, MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering Viewpoint” showed different aspects, impressing viewers.

Attention is drawn to his future move, which showed good performance not only in dramas but also in entertainment programs.

Actress Um Hyun-kyung expanded her career as a magazine model since she was a high school student, and made her debut as an actress through MBC sitcom Rainbow Romance in 2005.

He has been active in movies and dramas, but he has had a four-year break since 2007, so he originally likes to stay alone at home, but he has a break because he finds it difficult to live in the entertainment industry, which he often encounters various people. After taking a break for about two years, he decided to return, applying for several auditions, but failed to pass, revealing that the gap was longer than expected.

So I’m not sure what kind of plans I’m going to take or take a break from now on. It made the fans curious…

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