“UN” Choi Jungwon alleged affair…He’s

“UN” Choi Jungwon alleged affair…He’s a married ex-girlfriend.

Choi Jungwon

Suspicions have been raised that Choi Jung-won, a former U.N., had an affair.

On the 9th, YouTube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho” posted “Choi Jung-won’s Private Life Kakaotalk…” A video titled ‘Why is my husband screaming?’ was uploaded.

The video released by reporter-turned-girlfriend Lee Jin-ho showed a man claiming that he was the husband of Choi Jung-won’s ex-girlfriend and that Choi Jung-won broke his family.

The man said, “The man who used to be a top star and an idol sent Kakao messages to my wife, saying, ‘I miss you,’ ‘Let’s see each other often,’ and ‘Let’s drink,’ and took her home.”

He said, “When I asked my wife, she said we had a short relationship before marriage. (Choi Jung-won) knowing that she is a married woman, she approached her intentionally and met her regularly. This broke the family,” he said.

According to Lee Jin-ho, Choi Jung-won’s ex-girlfriend admitted to having an affair.

The paper released as a memorandum written by the woman to her husband said, “I’m really sorry about this. As my brother said, if I hadn’t met Choi Jung-won and blocked him, this wouldn’t have happened, but I was wrong, he said. “I have nothing to say about my brother’s words that this is an affair.”

On the other hand, Lee Jin-ho said that Choi Jung-won maintains that it is not an affair.

In a text message released as a conversation between Choi Jung-won and his ex-girlfriend, Choi Jung-won said, “My wife said she wanted to drink at the Han River and use the bathroom, so I don’t think I should be criticized this much for it. “If you swear or threaten me anymore about this, I will take action right away,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung-hoon, who worked as a member of the UN with Choi Jung-won, was embroiled in a controversy over his private life in 2019 due to a complaint from his ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit for the contract, claiming that Kim Jung-hoon urged abortion when he was pregnant and that he would find a house in return, but he disappeared without paying a deposit. However, the controversy ended when Kim Jung-hoon’s ex-girlfriend later dropped the lawsuit.

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