“Unreal Engine” Epic Games, the first publishing game to be released.

“Unreal Engine” Epic Games, the first publishing game to be released.

Epic Games

Epic Games Korea announced on the 10th that “Kid Aemnesia Exhibition,” which collaborated with Radiohead, including “Allan Wake Remaster,” the first publishing game of EpicGames, and two expansion packs, was unveiled at the PlayStation Showcase 2021.

Epic Games Publishing is a multi-platform publishing model that fundamentally changes existing developer and publisher models and presents developer-friendly conditions, according to the company.

Through EpicGames publishing, developers will develop games with “complete freedom of creation and ownership,” and up to 100% of the cost required for the project can also be supported. In addition, through a 50-50 distribution of profits, developers will secure at least 50% of their total profits from the time all costs are recovered.

Allen Wake Remaster worked on remasters tailored to the performance of next-generation console devices, including cinematic, texture, character modeling, and support for up to 60fps of 4k resolution. On top of that, two expansion packs “The Signal” and “The Light” will also be released. Pre-purchase will take place on PC through EpicGames Store from the 10th.

Kid Amnesia Exhibition, released through the PlayStation showcase, is a content presented through a partnership between world-class rock band Radiohead and Epic Games. It is also a work to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the release of Radiohead’s major regular albums, Kid A and Mnesiac. It is scheduled to enter the Epic Games Store in November.토토사이트

Since the announcement of EpicGames publishing last year, EpicGames has been preparing various games with various partners, and as a result of that, Alan Wake Remaster will be introduced through Epic Games publishing in the future, so please look forward to it.

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