Volkswagen will build its own electric vehicle and battery plant in the U.S

Volkswagen will build its own electric vehicle and battery plant in the U.S


Germany’s Volkswagen is considering building a production plant for electric vehicles and batteries in the United States, Bloomberg reported on the 8th.

Volkswagen CEO Scott Keo said in an interview that he is actively seeking to build electric vehicle and battery factories in the United States.

Johann Denishen, chief operating officer (COO) of Volkswagen’s U.S. subsidiary, also said at the opening ceremony of the battery lab in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on the same day that he was considering building his own battery production facility in North America.

COO Denishen explained that it is considering building its own battery production facilities in the U.S. to prepare for battery shortages in the future, but the final decision has not yet been made.

In a related development, the company’s spokesman said it was looking for a site for a battery plant in the United States and said a final decision would be made within this year.

Volkswagen, which aims to make half of the world’s production of electric vehicles by 2030, is piloting battery production and waste battery reuse facilities in Germany and plans to start full-scale battery production in 2025.

It also spent $800 million (about KRW 1 trillion) to change its Chattanooga plant to an electric vehicle production facility, and also created a battery research institute that contains $22 million (about KRW 27.6 billion), Bloomberg said. 파워볼사이트

Volkswagen sold 452,000 electric vehicles last year.

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