Was the controversy over the abuse of advertising

Was the controversy over the abuse of advertising in the settlement dispute with Noje’s agency a problem?


Dancer Nose is in a legal battle with his agency, Starting House, over the settlement money.

According to the legal community on the 9th, Nohje filed a lawsuit against his agency Starting House in December last year with the Seoul Central District Court to confirm the absence of debt. It also applied for an injunction to stop the effect of the exclusive contract with the agency until the lawsuit is concluded.

In this regard, the date of the provisional injunction questioning was held on the 8th at the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Agreement Division 50 (chief judge Park Bum-seok).

Rohje claims that he has not received settlement from his agency for several months since April last year. As a result, the company notified the termination of the exclusive contract in November last year and filed a lawsuit to confirm that the contract was legally terminated.

In addition, after notifying the termination of the contract, it was belatedly settled by the agency, but even this is continuing the lawsuit, saying that the agency arbitrarily calculated the amount and mutual trust has already collapsed.

Rohje’s legal representative claimed, “Rohje asked for the deposit several times, but the management only delayed it, and in August last year, he explicitly refused to pay, saying, ‘We will recalculate and deposit after discussing the activities.”

On the other hand, the agency countered, saying there was a legitimate reason for not paying the settlement on time. The agency explained, “In the first half of last year, the profit distribution ratio was not confirmed, and when the related consultations were completed, the so-called ‘SNS advertising controversy’ was raised, so we were busy collecting it.”

The termination of the contract is invalid because the settlement payment has been delayed due to the so-called “advertising power trip” controversy of Nohje. The agency said, “The contracts could be terminated or a large amount of damages could be paid due to the controversy,” and claimed, “We completed the deposit of the settlement after the issue was settled.”

He said, “It is difficult to see Rohje as in a situation where he urgently needs to resume his entertainment activities, and the reason attributable to Rohje is greater than anything else for the contracts to go awry.”

Earlier, Nose was embroiled in a controversy that he did not post or delete related posts on social media on time even after receiving advertising fees from the company in July last year. At the time, the agency apologized, saying, “We failed to keep the contract period with advertising officials and confirmed that the post was not uploaded or deleted within the deadline.”

Noh Je also left a self-written apology, saying, “Without an excuse, I am truly sorry for causing damage and disappointment to the officials concerned.”

Nose enjoyed syndrome-class popularity with Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”.

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