Wearing revealing outfits like Yuri and bikinis

Wearing revealing outfits like Yuri and bikinis


Yuri has released a sexy pictorial for this summer.

On the 28th, singer Yu ri released several photos of her commercial shoot on her Instagram with the message “Beach Shop.”

In the picture, Yuri completed her vacation fashion with a black cropped sleeveless shirt and a black long skirt with one leg exposed.

Yu ri boasts healthy copper skin to match the original black pearl nickname.

In addition, glass’s solid abs catch the eye.

Meanwhile, Yuri chose the new drama “Good Job” by KT Studio Genie as her next film.

“Good Job” is a work that depicts a romantic detective investigation conducted by chaebol detective

“Eun Sun-woo” and Poor Woman “Don Sera” who go back and forth between chaebol and detective life.

Yu ri is also planning to make a comeback as Girls’ Generation in August.토토사이트

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