Westbrook–Laury transfer Who’s the best NBA team?

Westbrook–Laury transfer Who’s the best NBA team?

The formation of a “super team” that spreads like a trend in NBA is also taking place ahead of the opening of the 2021-2022 season.

With the 2020-2021 season final champion Milwaukee Bucks’ “Triangle Squadron” (Yannis Adetokunbo, Chris Middleton, Zuru Holiday) in full swing, challengers are strengthening their strength.

The Los Angeles Lakers, who failed to reach the Western Conference Final last season, moved quickly.

The Lakers, who have top current stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis, announced their willingness to run for the presidency by recruiting “triple double machine” Russell Westbrook as a trade.

The Lakers’ courtship toward Westbrook was so active that they gave up several semi-professional players such as Kyle Kuzma, Montrez Harrell, and Centavius Caldwell-Popp.

Westbrook can serve as a scorer as well as running the game when James is on the bench. He averaged 36.4 minutes in 65 regular league games last season, scoring 22.2 points, 11.5 rebounds and 11.7 assists.

He also achieved 38 triple-doubles, ranking first in NBA history (184).

Westbrook also expressed his strong commitment to winning at a recent press conference in Lakers’ uniforms.

The Miami Heat of the Eastern Conference is also drawing attention. Miami, where Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo hold out, succeeded in building a “big three” by signing Kyle Laurie as a sign-and-trade.

Laurie, a veteran point guard, was one of the most sought-after players in the transfer window. With the addition of Laurie, who has the ability to coordinate the game, Miami will be able to compete for the Eastern Conference title at once.

Goran Dragic left the team as an opposition payer, but the weight of the backcoat jeans that Laurie joined is considerable.

Laurie appeared in 46 games last season, averaging 17.2 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 7.3 assists, showing off her robustness. In the 2018-2019 season, he led the former team, the Toronto Raptors, to its first championship with the Kawaii Leonard (LA Clippers).

Miami renewed its contract with shooter Duncan Robinson, and strengthened its strength by bringing Milwaukee’s winner PJ Tucker.

The media and fans are also paying keen attention to the formation of such a super team. However, it is reserved that the Lakers and Miami are considered candidates for the championship.

The U.S. sports media “Bleetroport” announced its big three ranking on the 17th, and Kevin Durant is number one. James Harden and Cairy Irving were the Brooklyn Nets.

Milwaukee came in second, and the Lakers came in third. The media ranked Miami sixth.

The Golden State Warriworth, which is expected to return to Clay Thompson, who has been sidelined for two consecutive seasons due to injuries, was ranked fifth.

Last season’s runner-up Phoenix Suns finished eighth, after successfully cracking down on Chris Paul, who came out as a free agent.

Paul renewed his contract with Phoenix for a four-year total of $120 million. The combination of Paul, Devin Booker and Diandre Aighton is now available.

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