What was the most difficult thing for a first-year NBA player? “Trash Talk”

What was the most difficult thing for a first-year NBA player? “Trash Talk”

Trash Talk

Campacho had a hard time with the Trash Talk.

Parkundo Campacho of the Denver Nuggets talked about his NBA life in an interview with Argentine media on the 28th.

Campacho, a point guard born in 1991, was a tough player on the European stage and played in Real Madrid, Spain. Campacho, who also played well for Argentina’s national team, also led Argentina to second place at the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

Campacho, who gained a wealth of experience, entered the NBA, the dream stage of last season. Campacho, who joined Denver, averaged 6.1 points and 3.6 assists, playing like Altoran. It was Denver, where Jamal Murray and Monte Morris frequently missed the court due to injuries.

So what was the hardest part of Campacho’s first season in the NBA? Surprisingly, the answer he presented was “Trash Talk,” not physical conditions.

“Trash-Talk,” which means bothering the opponent with subtle words during a game, is part of a psychological game played by players. Sometimes the temperature of the horse gets too high and it can lead to physical fights.

The NBA is the most active league in the world for Trash-Talk. “Basketball emperor” Michael Jordan also has many anecdotes about TrashTalk when he was active, and Gary Payton and Kevin Garnett are considered masters of Trash Talk.

Campacho said, “Trash talk is the hardest thing for me. NBA players are talkative and keep pushing me. “Trash talk doesn’t happen very often on the Olympic or World Cup stages, but it’s always on the NBA stage.”

“If you’re shooting a three-point shot, let him shoot. It is said that ‘it will not go in anyway.’ “It’s the best if you shoot when the opponent interrupts, but if you don’t, the situation will continue to be imprinted on your head.”

Fast adaptation to the NBA’s harsh TrashTalk culture is also an important task for new players. Sometimes, more harsh traffic talk is heard to discourage new players.파워볼사이트

Campacho will also play for a considerable amount of time in the coming season to fill the gap in Murray, who has escaped due to a cruciate ligament injury. How will Campacho deal with the TrashTalk in its second year?

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