“Why is T1 strong?” said Kim Jung kyun, director. “There’s Faker.”

“Why is T1 strong?” said Kim Jung kyun, director. “There’s Faker.”

Kim Jung kyun

“Why is T1 strong? “Faker” Lee Sanghyuk.”

Manager Kim Jung-kyun of Damwon Kia, who is challenging to win the LCK title for three consecutive seasons, will meet Lee Sang-hyuk of Faker, who shared the eight-time championship of T1 (then SK Telecom T1).

Regarding T1, Kim Jung-kyun said, “I think it is very strong because ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk remains from the days of SK Telecom’s T1 until now.

“But it’s a very difficult question,” he said with a puzzled expression.

Regarding the winning strategy, he said, “After T1 confirmed its advance to the finals, we filmed yesterday.

“We have to prepare while practicing,” he said. “I think there are many lethal moves because we are practicing strategies and various picks.

“The squad and the coaching staff are doing well, so I think they will show a good performance.”

Director Kim Jung-kyun said, “With the addition of two analysts, the division of roles is going well.”

“The role division is going well because two big analysts came in. “I’m easily working,” he said. “In games are played by analysts of both generations.안전놀이터

It’s easy to work as a director. “Coach Lee Jung-hyun and coach Kim Min-kwan are also preparing very well.”

Finally, he said, “I’m desperate for this win. “The reason I want to win is to achieve three consecutive championships in Damwon Kia.”

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