Why was the Korean shortstop Lee Jung-hoo surprised

Why was the Korean shortstop Lee Jung-hoo surprised by an Australian reporter


“Is that player really Lee Jung-hoo?””

On the morning of the 8th, an Australian reporter who was watching the WBC Korean national team training held at Tokyo Dome in Japan asked in surprise. Why was the Australian reporter surprised by checking Lee Jung-hoo over and over again?

The WBC national baseball team moved to Tokyo after an official practice match against the Hanshin Tigers at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan, on the 7th. And on the morning of the 8th, he entered the Tokyo Dome and began his first training.

Not only domestic reporters but also Japanese and Australian reporters competed fiercely for the Korean national team’s training. In particular, interest in Lee Jung-hoo was the hottest.

After stretching lightly, Lee Jung-hoo warmed up by playing a long toss and then began defensive training with outfielders. After about an hour of defensive training, Lee Jung-hoo did not enter the dugout but moved to the infield. And he helped second baseman Edman’s defensive training in the shortstop position

Edman caught coach Kim Min-ho’s ball and tossed it to Lee Jung-hoo, who was at second base, and Lee Jung-hoo hit the second base and quickly threw it to first base. Although it was not his position, Lee Jung-hoo’s defensive movements were neat. Edman also smiled surprised at Lee Jung-hoo’s unexpectedly neat shortstop defense.

It was just a comfortable prank, but it seemed strange to Australian reporters. The Australian reporter, who arrived at Tokyo Dome at around 11:30 to cover the Australian training scheduled for 12:00, was surprised because he only watched shortstop defense at the end of the training without watching Lee Jung-hoo’s outfield defense training.

Australian reporters are also interested in Lee Jung-hoo, so everything he does is focused on. Australian national team coach Dave Nielsen also said at a press conference, “I think Lee Jung-hoo is a very great player.” Lee Jung-hoo is already a star of the tournament.

Meanwhile, the Korean national team was organized in Group B along with Australia, Japan, China and the Czech Republic. The first match against Australia on the 9th is important to advance to the semifinals. The first round of the WBC match against Australia, which will be a watershed for advancing to the quarterfinals, must be won.

Australia announced Jack Aurorin, who plays for Single A under the Detroit Tigers in the U.S. Major League Baseball, as the starting pitcher for the match against Korea. The Korean starting pitcher is scheduled to be announced at 9 p.m 사설토토

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