Will Galaxy S23 be released faster?Samsung’s “2023 model”

Will Galaxy S23 be released faster?Samsung’s “2023 model” will be introduced early

Galaxy S23

Samsung Electronics (005930) is set to become the No. 1 global sales leader by releasing low-end smartphones in 2023.

Starting with low-end Galaxy A models with the highest sales volume, it is putting them into global strategic paper early.

While total smartphone sales are expected to decrease this year due to the economic recession, Samsung Electronics is said to have started to check its competitors Apple with a supply offensive early on.

According to industries on the 11th, Samsung Electronics recently released Galaxy A04s in India, South Africa, and Europe.

It is reported that Galaxy A04 will be released at the end of October.

The two products have similar performance except that they each have three rear cameras and two rear cameras.

The lower the front of the two-digit number, the lower the Galaxy A series is, the lower the price.

The last digit indicates the year of release. A04 is the lowest-priced model of the A series, and at the same time, it means that it is a 2023 model.

This product is also the first 2023 model in the Galaxy series.

Samsung Electronics is also planning to introduce Galaxy A04e and Galaxy A04 Core, which are variants of Galaxy A04.

It is a strategy to introduce it first to India, which has a high preference for low-priced smartphones, and then release it sequentially to various parts of the world.

Galaxy A’s low-cost product line is the key to Samsung Electronics’ No. 1 smartphone sales in the world.

In fact, 50 million units of the Galaxy A12 were sold last year.

It is the world’s best-selling smartphone in 2021, and at the same time, it has set the highest sales ever for a single smartphone.

At that time, Galaxy A02 was also very popular, selling 18.3 million units.

Following the introduction of A03, a sequel to this year, A04 is quickly released to compete for supplies.

As it is the lowest price, Samsung Electronics is expected to set up a full-fledged sales strategy in 2023 after exploring the market atmosphere with A04, which is less burdensome.

According to market research firm Counterpoint Research, Samsung Electronics’ market share based on smartphone sales was 18.9% and Apple’s 17.2% last year.

Last year, Samsung Electronics’ sales increased only 0.9 percent from 2020, while Apple increased 25.5 percent, narrowing the gap.

Apple has a higher average sales price (ASP) than Samsung Electronics due to its high-priced strategy.

Samsung Electronics is targeting all price ranges with premium Galaxy S and Z and mid- to low-priced Galaxy A series, so the average sales price and margin rate are relatively low.

In addition, it is known that low-priced products are being hit harder as demand for smartphones worldwide decreases this year.

An industry official said, “Samsung Electronics seems to be trying to introduce new models early due to sluggish sales of mid- to low-priced products,” adding, “There are observations that the release of Galaxy S23 early next year may be accelerated.”

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