Will Lee Jong-seok who has established his pride of MBC

Will Lee Jong-seok who has established his pride of MBC

Lee Jong-seok

The most popular MBC drama this year is “Big Mouse.” With the only good performance this year with a viewer rating of more than 10%, attention is also being paid to whether actor Lee Jong-seok, who starred in the movie, will win the acting award.

The 2022 MBC Acting Awards will be held on the 30th. This year’s MCs were broadcaster Kim Sung-joo and Girls’ Generation Choi Soo-young.

This year, MBC presented various genres of dramas such as “Tracer,” “Tomorrow,” “From Now on, Showtime!” “Dr. Royer,” “Gold Spoon” and “One Hundred Butlers.” Most of them received excellent reviews in terms of work quality, but none of them exceeded the 10% rating.

Among them, “Big Mouse” was the only one with a viewer rating of more than 10%, setting MBC’s pride. Starring Lee Jong-seok and Lim Yoon-ah, “Big Mouse” is MBC’s most talked-about and highest-rated movie this year.

“Big Mouse” tells the story of being caught up in a murder case in which a 10% winning lawyer accidentally took over, becoming a rare genius fraudster “Big Mouse” overnight and digging into the bare face of the privileged class stained with a huge conspiracy to survive and protect their families. It captivated viewers with a series of twists in the huge hard-boiled noir worldview and ended with the highest viewer rating of 13.7%.

Lee Jong-seok, who stably led the story of “Big Mouse,” is also credited with the success of “Big Mouse.” In the play, Lee Jong-seok played Park Chang-ho, who was a third-class lawyer but was caught up in an accidental case and was pointed out as a genius fraudster “Big Mouse.” After returning to the small screen for the first time in three years through this work, he broke away from the image of the main character of the original romance cartoon and succeeded in transforming his acting perfectly.

Lee Jong-seok was well-received for his detailed portrayal of the life of a bitter lawyer who no one is looking for due to a series of lawsuits, the slyness of carrying out double spies, the madness of being falsely accused, and the awakening of anger to protect his family.

Earlier, Lee Jong-seok won the grand prize at the MBC Drama Awards in 2016 for the drama “W.” Attention is focusing on whether MBC’s “Big Mouse,” which established its pride this year, will be able to enjoy the honor of holding the grand prize trophy again in six years.

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