Will Smith, “The expression of anger in me…Horrible Night”

Will Smith, “The expression of anger in me…Horrible Night”

Will Smith

Will Smith (54), who assaulted Chris Rock (57) at the 94th Academy Awards in March, shed tears of regret.

“As you can imagine, the night was terrible,” he said to Trevor Noah of the Daily Show on the 29th (local time), adding, “There is a lot of nuance and complexity.”

Will Smith went up to the podium and slapped Chris Rock on the cheek for teasing his wife Jayda Finkett Smith, 50, at the Academy Awards. When I got back to my seat, I shouted twice in a loud voice, “Don’t bring up my wife’s name.” But Chris Rock had no idea about Jayda’s hair loss.

Far from apologizing immediately, he ran to the party hosted by Vanity Fair and was criticized for dancing all night.

At the time of the assault, Smith bowed his head, saying, “The anger that was in me was expressed,” adding, “I wasn’t the person I wanted to be.”

When Trevor Noah asked what he had learned from the actions of the night, Smith said, “We learned that we should be kind to each other.”

“When I came home from the awards ceremony, my 9-year-old nephew asked, “Uncle Will, why did you hit him?”” he cried.

The Academy has banned Smith from attending the ceremony for 10 years.

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