Winner Re-signs YG 5 Years On 7th Anniversary

Winner Re-signs YG 5 Years On 7th Anniversary


YG Entertainment announced on the 18th that it has agreed to renew its five-year contract with all members of Winner (Kang Seung-yoon, Lee Seung-hoon, Song Min-ho, and Kim Jin-woo).

WINNER is a group that is loved for its wide musical spectrum and sophisticated sensibilities regardless of genre. They have established themselves as global stars over the past seven years, continuing to grow with full support and trust from YG.

WINNER members decided to move early to repay their fans’ love. Celebrating the 7th anniversary of his debut on the 17th, he agreed to renew his contract with the new YG headquarters in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul.

As a result, WINNER has a more stable and reliable musical partnership with YG. As WINNER has always drawn favorable reviews from the public and critics with their high-quality music and new attempts, we look forward to their future activities.파워볼사이트

WINNER said through his agency, “I really want to say that I respect Inner Circle (fandom name) who has always been with us on our side.” Thanks to you, we exist today. “I want to share more memories with you in the future, a music trip without a final destination.”

Winner appeared on the survival program “WIN: Who Is Next,” which aired in 2013, winning the title and winning the team name “WINNER.” After a solid preparation period, he made his debut with his first full album “2014 S/S” on August 17, 2014.

Starting with “Empty,” they put all the album titles released since their debut, including “BABY BABY,” “REALLY REALLY,” “LOVE ME LOVE ME,” “EVERYDAY,” “MILLIONS,” “AH YEAH,” “Hold” and “REMEMBER,” at the top of major music charts in Korea and abroad.

Currently, members Kim Jin-woo and Lee Seung-hoon are performing their national defense duties, so they are taking a break from their team activities for a while. Kang Seung-yoon and Song Min-ho have been active in various fields such as acting, entertainment, and art, respectively, as well as solo album activities.

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