Winter strawberry reduces inflammation and slows aging

Winter strawberry reduces inflammation and slows aging

Winter strawberry

Strawberry farmers are busy preparing for shipment these days, even if the whole country freezes due to the cold. They are also paying attention to heating strawberry cultivation facilities in the cold weather. Strawberries, which were called “gold strawberries” due to a sharp rise in prices last year, are expected to fall somewhat due to increased production in December. Let’s find out about the taste and nutrients of winter strawberries.

◆ The reason why strawberries were used for medicinal purposes in the past… What is this ingredient?

Nicknamed “The Empress’s Fruit” for its sweet and sour taste and aroma, strawberries have been sacred in history. It was also used for medicinal and ornamental purposes rather than for food. Methylsalicylic acid in strawberries reduces inflammation and pain. It helps relieve fatigue and release toxicity in the body. Strawberries contain twice as much vitamin C as lemons. It is good for antioxidants, prevention of colds, relieving stress, and skin beauty that reduces damage to the body. It is especially helpful for women’s health because it contains potassium that controls blood and iron that is good for anemia.

◆ Strawberry + yogurt, effective in women’s menopause

Strawberries are mostly washed and eaten raw. Eating it with dairy products such as yogurt can create synergy. Yogurt is especially good during menopause when bone density decreases due to its high calcium content of calcium. Eating it with strawberries, which contain a lot of antioxidants, slows damage and aging of the body, improves bone health, and improves immunity. It tastes better, too. It is easy to add raw strawberries to yogurt without complicated processes.

◆ It slows down the aging of the skin. Helps reduce inflammation

Among the ingredients of strawberries, elagic acid is attracting attention. It is more than 10 times larger than other fruits. Elagic acid is especially abundant in strawberry seeds. Elagic acid, which reduces inflammation, prevents skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays and is good for pigmentation on the face and improving freckles. Collagen decreases with age and skin aging is delayed to relieve wrinkles.

◆ a low-calorie, cholesterol-lowering effect

Strawberry (100g) is low in calories (27kcal), about half of apple (57kcal). It can be used as a diet snack. It is also effective in preventing high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases as it has many antioxidants such as fiber and anthocyanin that directly lowers cholesterol. However, strawberries have a considerable amount of fructose, so if you eat a lot, you raise blood sugar. If you have diabetes, it is better to eat less than 10.

◆ Vitamin C, wash without removing the stalks to prevent loss of scent

The disadvantage of strawberries is that they soften easily. To prevent loss of vitamin C and aroma, it is recommended not to remove the stalk, wash it in running water, and rinse it lightly in salt water. At this time, the taste of strawberries feels sweeter as the salty taste is added. Recently, the use of pesticides is minimized by using potted insects, so it is better to remove only foreign substances and wash them quickly. When stored, put it in a plastic container, wrap it with plastic, and leave it in the refrigerator to maintain freshness.

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