“Woo Hyo-kwang, Actor Choo Ja-hyun” feels like I’m born again…

“Woo Hyo-kwang, Actor Choo Ja-hyun” feels like I’m born again…”My big goal is to raise my child well”.

Actress Choo Ja-hyun had a happy time with her fans.

Actor Choo Ja-hyun

Actor Choo Ja-hyun posted on his Instagram on January 20th, “First meeting with fans in Korea~ It really feels like I was born again! Today is my birthday~ lol Thank you guys, I’ll try my best on Instagram” and posted a picture.

Actor Choo Ja-hyun in the photo had time to meet and communicate with fans in person. Choo Ja-hyun, who took a friendly mirror selfie with her fans, looks very happy.

Answers to fans’ questions also drew attention. In their 40s, another life unfolded than in their 30s. When asked, “Do you have a new dream?” Choo Ja-hyun said, “My life has always changed drastically in my 20s and 30s. So I’m looking forward to being in my 40s. I want to spend it happily. First, my big goal is to raise my family, husband and children well, and secondly, I try to find a good work that I can do. “There has always been a thirst for acting,” he replied.

Actors Han Hyo-joo and Han Ji-min, who saw this, expressed their satisfaction by leaving comments.

Meanwhile, Chu Ja-hyun married Chinese actor Wu Hyo-kwang in 2017 and has a son under his family.

Actor Choo Ja-hyun is still recognized for his vigorous activities and acting skills. So the fans have high expectations for the works.
I’m waiting for the work a lot.

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