Wood Dallas is happy. The atmosphere for each other is nice

Wood Dallas is happy. The atmosphere for each other is nice


Christian Wood (27) answered about how he felt in Dallas Mavericks (hereinafter referred to as Dallas).

Wood played his first Christmas game at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on the morning of the 26th (Korea Standard Time). Dallas won by 124-115, nine points against the Los Angeles Lakers led by LeBron James.

Wood showed his best performance since joining the Dallas Mavericks in the game. He scored 30 points, eight rebounds, seven assists, four steals, two blocks, and a success rate of 70.6% (12/17).

Asked what the secret to his victory was in an interview after the match, Wood said, “The atmosphere among the team members is good for each other. We just have to keep trying.”

On the same day, Wood was able to sign an extension contract worth 77 million dollars (about 98.1 billion won) for four years with his current team Dallas. Wood said, “I can’t answer that,” but left a meaningful comment, “I’m always open.” He is in a situation where he can choose to extend his contract with FA (free transfer) as a contract that expires after this season.

Earlier this season, Wood was not given much playing time due to defensive problems. Therefore, Wood’s 2022-23 season record was a bit disappointing with an average of 27.6 minutes of 17.3 points, 8 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 0.9 blocks of field pitching success rate 54.1% and 3 points of 38.3% (4.1 attempts).

However, Wood was a big man who had been recognized for his offense for a long time and could perform better if he was given time to play. Dallas then attached Maxi Clever to Wood, concentrating on improving his understanding of defense.

As Dallas expected, Wood has achieved remarkable growth in defence. Wood was one of five players to record more than two blocks in six consecutive games. If you look at that, they are Miles Turner of the Indiana Pacers, Nicholas Claxton of the Brooklyn Nets, Brooke Lopez of the Milwaukee Bucks, Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers and Wood.

If Wood’s performance continues, his value will be classified as a 3&B (3-point shot and block) that attracts attention in the league, not just as a scorer in the paint zone. This means that his price in the FA market could be much higher than the extended contract amount.

Doncic said, “I worked hard to give the victory to Wood, who is making his first appearance in the Christmas game,” creating a warm atmosphere

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