YG Entertainment’s Baby Monster debut and GD comeback…

YG Entertainment’s Baby Monster debut and GD comeback…YG’s stock price soared


Stock prices of YG Entertainment are soaring due to the news of the launch of new girl group Baby Monster, the comeback of G-Dragon, and the return of general producer Yang Hyun-seok.

YG Entertainment is trading at 4,6900 won at 11:25 a.m., up 3050 won (6.96%) from the trading day before the mood. YG Entertainment’s stock price started at 46,550 won, up 6.16 percent, and rose to 49,000 won (11.74%) during the day.

YG Plus shares also soared. YG Plus is trading at 4,680 won, up 6.12% from the previous trading day at the same time.

YG`S Entertainment’s rise is even more noticeable compared to the 3-4 percent drop in Hive, SM, and JYP Entertainment on the same day.

Analysts say that YG`S Entertainment’s recent announcement of the launch of a new girl group, the return of general producer Yang Hyun-seok, and G-Dragon’s comeback raised stock prices.

YG Entertainment announced on the 30th of last month that it will debut the new girl group Baby Monster. YG Entertainment’s new girl group has been launched for the first time in about seven years since BLACKPINK.

With the debut of Baby Monster, Yang Hyun-suk also announced his return as a general producer after three and a half years. Yang Hyun-suk appeared with the title of the executive producer in a video introduced on YG’s official YouTube channel on the 1st, saying, “I hope to be a star who will surprise the world as he has surprised me in the last four years.” 안전놀이터

Big Bang G-Dragon also raised expectations by announcing his comeback. He said on YouTube on the 1st, “I will visit you through various activities. “I’m also preparing an album,” he said, announcing his vigorous activity plan.

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