Yoon Se-ah explained the misunderstanding, “Mother never taught

Yoon Se-ah explained the misunderstanding, “Mother never taught Go to Song Hye-kyo, just advice.”

Yoon Se-ah

Actress Yoon Se-ah was embarrassed. This is due to rumors that his mother taught Go to Song Hye-kyo in the Netflix original series “The Glory.”

Yoon Se-ah said on the 16th, “When I wake up after sleeping…He expressed his embarrassment. He then said, “My mother participated as an advisor on data research related to Douglas Go Go. I have never met actor Song Hye-kyo in person and taught him how to play Go. I’m telling you because I’m afraid someone’s efforts will make a dent. May you have a happy day…!!! Seah is sweating…He said.

On the 15th, Yoon Se-ah said, “It’s the first time I’ve watched endless ending credits. My mother’s name is suddenly stuck in my heart. “My mother, who spent her entire life in the Go world after serving as the first female noodles, was with me in the Go advisory of The Glory,” he wrote, posting his mother’s youth photos and credits of The Glory.

Yoon Se-ah said, “The young appearance of my mother in the picture from Dong-eun, who was playing Go in a firm posture, seems to overlap,” adding, “I have cherished the ring that was worn in my mother’s hand in every important game.” “Today, I gently take out the ring in the picture and paint my mother’s life while fiddling with it,” he wrote.

He continued, “My mother still teaches children to play Go and you are happy…”My mom said she would play Go even if she was born again.I’m proud. I respect you. I love you. “I brag as much as I want,” he said, expressing his affection for his mother.

When rumors began to circulate that Yoon Se-ah’s mother taught Song Hye-kyo to play Go, she said, “I only participated in advice.” Yoon Se-ah’s mother, Kim Sang-soon, is known to be the first Korean noodle to win the first Yeoryu Noodle Competition in 1975.

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