You need to hold it hard to stay healthy. Simple grip training.

You need to hold it hard to stay healthy. Simple grip training.

Simple grip training

Rat strength is an indicator of the risk of high blood pressure and dementia as well as muscle strength. There are even studies that show that weak grip forces are prone to cardiovascular disease and cancer and increase the risk of premature death.

Aside from serious diseases, strong gripes can prevent hand and wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and musculitis.

There are three main forces. The power to grasp first. Works when shaking hands or holding a ball. Second, pinch power. It works when you hold things with your thumb and other fingers. Last but not least, the power to support. It’s the power to hold something for a long time. It is necessary in situations where heavy shopping carts are lifted or chin-up.

The U.S. Women’s Health introduced a method of grip training that can be easily tried at home.

◆ Holding = Holding a tennis ball with your palm and fingers. Squeeze 5 to 10 times and repeat relaxing. Repeat the same number of times with your thumb and index finger. Thumb and other fingers also exercise. It can also be done with newspapers. After grabbing a whole piece of newspaper as if it were hanging out, it crumpled up like it was holding it with its fingers to form a ball of paper.

◆Pinches = I need a thick book. Put your arms on your body and lift the book with your fingers. Gently apply force to the finger that holds the book and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this five times.

◆ Turn = Use a frying pan. Put your upper arm on your body and put your lower arm forward with your elbow 90 degrees. Hold the handle so that the round side of the pan is upward. Slowly rotate the pan so that the round side of the pan faces alternately toward the body and outside using the wrist.

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