Yu-bin defended FC Top Girl’s victory despite his own goal…

Yu-bin defended FC Top Girl’s victory despite his own goal…Fantastic ending goal in the game (‘Goal Girl’)


FC Top Girl’s ace Yoo Bin overcame his own goal and tasted the joy of victory.

Yu-bin played a bloody semifinal match with FC World Class on SBS’s “The Girls Who Hit the Goal” (hereinafter referred to as “The Girl Who Hit the Goal”), which aired on the afternoon of the 11th.

In the broadcast on this day, the second semi-final match of the second Super League was held. Prior to the full-fledged game, Yu-bin recalled his past defeat against ‘FC World Class’ and said, “You can’t compare it with that time. “FC Top Girl” expressed strong confidence toward victory, saying, “She is completely transformed.”

Yu-bin cleared the ball with a powerful shot at the start of the game to prevent the opponent’s scoring chance, showing a key defender of the “FC Top Girl.”

However, in the second minute of the first half, a unfortunate situation occurred when Eva’s ball hit Yu-bin’s body and entered the goal of the “FC Top Girl.” Director Choi Jin-chul said, “It’s okay. “Don’t get caught up in the opponent’s pace and go forward,” he comforted Yoo Bin’s mentality, and caster Bae Sung-jae and commentator Lee Soo-geun also said, “There’s nothing to worry about.” “I can’t help it because I hit the defense and scored a goal,” he responded.

After the first half, Yubin said, “It’s 1:1 now, but we’ve scored all the goals. “I’m sorry,” he said, expressing his apologies to the team members. He also made the bench of ‘FC Top Girl’ laugh with a pleasant comment that dissed himself, saying, “I’m the top scorer of my own goal.”

In the second half, there was also a fierce game, and Yu-bin clenched his teeth and burned himself as if trying to make up for the loss in the first half. In particular, Yoo Bin threatened the “FC World Class” with his main specialty, a bold mid-range shot, and firmly defended the back door of the “FC Top Girl” with an iron defense without gaps.

Thanks to Yu-bin’s performance, “FC Top Girl” finished the second half with a score of 2:2, and advanced to the Super League final with a fantastic ending goal by Yu-bin, who was the last kicker of the penalty shoot-out.

In addition to her main job, Yu-bin is active as CEO of Le Entertainment and director of brand debeeper.

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