Yuri, a member of Yoona, said, “It’s too tight…

Yuri, a member of Yoona, said, “It’s too tight…”Have a hard time”


Yuri, a member of the group Girls’ Generation, conducted an honest interview.

On the 30th, the YouTube channel of “Discovery Channel Korea” said, “What is the identity of the cute friend that Yuri of Girls’ Generation met during the disappearance? One video was released under the title, “How do you feel about the 15th anniversary of your debut?”

Asked how she felt about Girls’ Generation’s comeback on the 15th anniversary, Yuri said, “I thought it would be nice to celebrate the meaning of Girls’ Generation as a 15-year-old,” adding, “We have been taking time to have meetings and meetings since two years ago.”

“We prepared the album with the hope that it would be connected to our first debut album, ‘Into the New World,'” he said. “Unlike five years ago, we were all in our 30s, so we were more professional and more considerate of the members.”

Next, Yuri said, “If you were to recommend the disappearance of Girls’ Generation members?”I would like to recommend Yoona without hesitation,” he answered the question.

Yuri explained the reason, “Since Yoona is so busy and busy, I think she will be able to have a faithful break time to the point where I wonder when she took a rest.”

He said to Yoon-ah, “I had a hard time filming and acting while working in Girls’ Generation,” adding, “It’s time to disappear at least once.” “Yoona, come and take a good rest.”

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