Zeus, who led all competitions to the finals as a full-time starter

Zeus, who led all competitions to the finals as a full-time starter


T1 “Zeus” Choi Woo-je, who took the final stage in all competitions in 2022 when he played as a full-time starting pitcher, will challenge to win the World Championship (LOL World Cup).

T1 is aiming to win the 2022 LOL World Cup final at the Chase Center in San Francisco on the 6th (Korea time). Choi Woo-je, the youngest member of the team, is playing as a full-time starting pitcher for the first time this year, but he is serving as a strong pillar of the team with good performance. T1, who has taken the final stages of all competitions with Choi Woo-je, is once again aiming for the top of the world.

Choi Woo-je will make his professional debut in the 2021 LCK Spring. Choi Woo-je, who took the opportunity due to the poor condition of “Canna” Kim Chang-dong, the main top liner at the time, played his first LCK game against Nongshim Red Force. After that, Kim Chang-dong, who recovered his form, went back to serve, and finished his first season with a record of 12 wins and 7 losses in eight matches, including the Nongshim match.

Choi Woo-je, who was not given a chance in the Summer and LOL World Cup in the same year, will finally become the main player of T1 in 2022. Choi Woo-je, who had an anticipated view of good performance in the solo rank and an uneasy view of lack of experience, quickly adapts to the league and quickly becomes the core of the team.

In the end, he led the team to victory in the spring season with his unskilled skills and force in the line match. In the following mid-season Invitational (MSI), he remained in second place, but he showed a clear understanding on the world stage and was in charge of the team’s carry. Based on this good performance, Choi Woo-je begins to be evaluated as a clear “constant” of the team from MSI.

LCK Summer also continued to play well and advanced to the finals, finishing second, but going straight to the LOL World Cup as LCK two seeds. And he is entertaining fans with his skills in full bloom once again in his first LOL World Cup. A typical example is the first match of the group stage against Edward Gaming (EDG). Choi Woo-je, who played a role in the upper body, led the team to victory by playing an active role as a gangplank.

The advantage of Choi Woo-je is the flexible line-up that utilizes various champion widths and such champion widths. When he holds the so-called “Kalchamp,” he benefits the team with an aggressive line-up, and if he catches the tanker champion, he will hold out firmly and contribute to a hit in the second half. No matter which direction I play, I always did my part. 토토사이트

In 2022, Zeus, who has surpassed Korea’s top tower for a year, has only one game left, the LOL World Cup final. Fans are paying attention to whether Choi Woo-je, who had a successful year, will complete the year with the achievement of winning the LOL World Cup.

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